AMA and ACOG Urge Removing all Barriers to Treatment for Substance Use Disorders (2018)

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ACOG Applauds Nationwide Injunction on Contraception Regulation (PA courts issues nationwide injunction)

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Experts List Four Things Any Hospital Can Do Now to Prevent Maternal Mortality (ACOG Statement 10/31/18)

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Postpartum Pain Management (ACOG Committee Opinion Number 742, July 2018)

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Leading Experts in Women's Health Care, Pediatrics & Addiction Medicine: "Pregnant Women with Substance Use Disorders Need Health Care, Not Incarceration" (ACOG Statement 1/19/18)

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Alcohol Use and Other Substance Use Disorders: Ethical Issues in Obstretics and Gynecologic Practice (ACOG Committee Opinion Number 633, June 2015)

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